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The Midnight Society Book Club

So, I guess I have a couple things to confess. First of all, as a middle schooler I was obsessed with teen horror novels. Secondly, I am currently obsessed with three awesome ladies who live across the country from me.

There was only one way to make these facts work for me- to start a book club with said ladies in which we re-read dumb books and then discuss them via Google Hangout video chats. Thus, The Midnight Society was born.

We just finished our second meeting, which was even better than the first because we skipped ahead in the Fear Street series to an especially "good" one, and because we tried to dress as our favorite characters. Here are Jaimie and Kristen wearing paper plates to portray some witch trial-era ladies who, spoiler alert, burned at the stake for NO RAISIN.

Want to read along with us? Check out our Facebook page.

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