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2015 Emmy Fashion Wins

The Emmys were a week ago, and as always, the red carpet was covered in celebs wearing what seemed like great ideas the week before. Here are my favorite looks from the evening.

Revenge's Kerry Washington is my pick for best dressed in her chainmail-like Marc Jacobs gown. It's shorter than most Emmy dresses, and transparent, but the sparkle of the embroidered fabric kept things PG. Washington would be able to pull off a burlap sack, but in this dress she is a glamorous Joan of Arc burning up the red carpet. She wisely kept her accessories and hair simple and let the dress do the work.

Continuing the sparkly trend is Sarah Paulson, nominated for her role in American Horror Story: Freak Show, in Prabal Gurung. The midnight blue column dress is simple and classic, with horizontal black bands at the off-the-shoulder neckline and waistband accenting her small frame. This gown is all about fabric and fit, both of which are impeccable.

Another well-styled Freak Show alum is Emma Roberts in a pale pink Jenny Packham gown with a dramatic V neckling and flattering front pleats. The waist is accented with what appears to be a velveteen ribbon in a coordinating pink and a crystal brooch. I'll be honest, the brooch isn't my favorite, but it works because it falls where the center front pleats kiss. I also enjoy her Veronica Lake hairstyle and long crystal necklace.

My last pick is Orange is the New Black's Taylor Schilling in this yellow Stella McCartney gown. The bodice is what I like most, with the asymmetrical neckline gathered on a spaghetti strap, creating a flattering drape. The one misstep here is the hem- Stella should have either left off the ruffle all together or made it wider- as is, it is too small in proportion to the skirt and looks like an afterthought. But the real elephant in the room is the horsehair trim sewn into the hem, creating the rigid line in a dress that is otherwise soft. And, while our attention is drawn to the hem, we can see that the dress is too short for her.

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