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New Moon Tonight

A friend texted earlier that tonight's a new moon. It's perfect timing because I just accepted a new job today. The universe literally aligned for me. According to the internets, the new moon in Gemini nudges us towards our next evolution. {Insert nerdy X-Men joke here.}

I don't usually follow the stars, but I do f-ing love looking at them. I lived in New York for almost 9 years, and only saw a handful there due to the light pollution. Every time I got away from the city, I'd be sure I spent some time stargazing and appreciating the vast beauty we take for granted. While we can see a fair amount here in Portland, the view is always better when you're camping out in the middle of nowhere. Which I will be doing this weekend!

The image here is a Gemini constellation print available for purchase from Portland Apothecary, in collaboration with Fortress Letterpress, from a series that I've drooled over for months.

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