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Current Musical Obsession: "Goodbye Lovers" by Boom Bip

My obsession with Neon Neon clearly led to checking out Boom Bip's work. While I have yet to get as into it as Neon Neon's stuff, I have certainly put a few songs into heavy rotation. This is my top pick thusfar. The music is haunting, and Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand lends his voice, which I've always fancied. Franz Ferdinand has since made their own version of the song, and I didn't make it through without wanting to hear this one instead. Boom Bip, or Bryan Hollon, says that as he wrote the song, he thought of it in Kapranos' voice, saying "Alex has a remarkable way of projecting happiness while still sounding dark."

While most of the lyrics resonate with me, I especially like the ending, in which Kapranos repeats "How I wish I could be as happy as you want me to be."

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