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CFDA Awards 2014

OK guys, I'll be honest, my finger is so off the pulse of current fashion that I am lucky to even recognize the names of some of the winners of this year's CFDA Awards. But if there's one thing I'm always on the pulse of, it's judging celebrities' outfits.

That said, I wasn't too excited about the photos from the ceremony, but a handful of looks I thought were worth a post or two (I'll post all my picks on Pinterest, don't fret).

Don't hate me, but you won't find Fashion Icon Rihanna on here. While I love me some sparkle, especially the gloves from her sheer crystal ensemble, I honestly didn't find the gown to be particularly interesting (I immediately thought of Rose McGowan's sheer metal gown back in the day). Perhaps Rihanna is ensuring that no one can wear her looks to prom next year by showing off her ass(ets)? Whatever, it looks to me like a sparkly cry for attention from someone who already has plenty.

To prove that sheer can be classy, my favorite look of the night was this J Mendel tangerine lace gown on model Hilary Rhoda. J Mendel always knows how to flatter, and the vertical and mitered seams accentuated with tonal piping do just that. The dress is unlined, but the lace panels certainly leave more to the imagination that Rihanna's sparkly number. And, in my opinion, a little mystery is far sexier than none.

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