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It's Time to Get Away

This past weekend I had the pleasure of going on my first camping trip of the season, with some of my favorite camp buddies. While we'd originally planned to go back to the redwoods in California, gas money and search & rescue training kept us closer to home. We ended up setting up camp at Salmon River, near Welches, OR. As usual, camping involved plenty of delicious food cooked over a campfire, plenty of booze, and plenty of laughter. I also got a chance to try rock climbing for the first time, to jump into a freezing cold river off of a log, and to help out in Dave and his dog Wyatt's search & rescue training (spoiler alert- he found me. Twice).

The site we grabbed was free (though you are supposed to have a Northwest Forest Pass to park your car at the road) and lovely- right on the river, not too far from the road to make loading in and out miserable, and off of a nice rock beach (see photo of Wyatt physically unable to NOT be in the water, despite it being freezing) that got great afternoon sun.

As always, I have to thank my wonderful friend T for planning the trip and doing most of the cooking. She really makes every trip epic.

Bonus points for anyone who recognizes the post title as an awesome LCD Soundsystem song.

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