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Ulyana Sergeenko

I'm not sure if I've been living under a rock or if I've stumbled upon something wonderous and rare via Pinterest, but yesterday I first saw lookbook images of a few older collections by Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko. Some of the looks seem to be straight out of another era, while others take a silhouette or technique with historical roots and modernizing it with skirt length, transparency, or sometimes just with awesomely off-beat accessories. The lookbooks often contain detail shots, and it is clear that these items are ridiculously well-made and designed.

Taking the designs to the next level is the presentation of the lookbooks themselves, which are art directed by Sergeenko and shot by photographer Nickolas Sushkevich. The images are a perfect fit with the collections, the hair and makeup (using different artists on different shoots) are as well. I honestly can't think of the last time I saw a lookbook with this much personality and... I dunno, class? Runway shots are available on, but they lack the feeling and detail of the lookbook images.

My favorite looks are pinned on my fashion-related Pinterest board, and the full lookbooks are available on the photographer's Behance portfolio and are definately worth a look.

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