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The 2014 Met Gala: "Charles James: Beyond Fashion"

Charles James is one of my favorite designers of all time, and it is so wonderful to know that this year's Costume Institute exhibit is all about his work. He was a master of architecture and drape, and his patterns are works of art themselves. Just ask Zac Posen, who's made a career biting James' classic designs.

I always want people to dress the theme at Met Galas, and as usual, many partygoers failed at that. A few even wore mini skirts, and I'm sorry, but if it's called a "gala," you should go formal. Those truest to James' vision wore Zac Posen and Oscar de la Renta. I especially liked this Zac Posen aqua ballgown, as worn by model Liu Wen.

If you want to see my favorite looks, in theme or not, from the Gala, check out my Pinterest board titled "Fashion is my Boyfriend," where I'll be posting them shortly. To see all of the looks and judge for yourself, continues to be my go-to resource for runway and red carpet looks. You can find their coverage here.

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