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Seasonal Soundtrack: Spring/Summer 2014

Sorry, kids, I've been pretty M.I.A. this summer. I'm working long hours and camping whenever possible, as is the Portland way. I've also been house/cat sitting for months which kind of equates to living someone else's life which is really exactly what I needed this summer.

I try to make two playlists a year that reflect the season and the year for me. The "for me" part is essential, there are often old songs included because they're in heavy rotation in that time for one reason or another.

And yes, I usually don't make the playlist public until the season is pretty much over, because it takes me that long to shore it up. Hopefully that means they'll be timeless? But actually it means I'm untimely and slightly OCD about my music.

You can listen to my Spring/Summer 2014 playlist on Spotify here.

The photo here is the cover of Pell's latest album, "Floating While Dreaming," which the first track of the playlist, "Dollar Store" is from. And as Pell tells us, "You and me got lots of time, don't fear a thing, the world is ours."

Warning: This playlist contains not one but two Monkees tracks.

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