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Old Favorite: "Flutes" by Hot Chip

"Flutes" is my favorite track off of Hot Chip's 2012 release "In Our Heads." I've said it before, but I really like a build and progression within a song, and this song has it in spades.

If you're not familiar, Hot Chip is a funnn British electronic group, and they share a member with one of my all-time favorite groups, LCD Soundsystem (the amazing Al Doyle). They have a habit of creating danceable songs with croony, sentamental lyrics sung by tenor Alexis Taylor, often with an interlude by baritone Joe Goddard.

Hot Chip has made some great videos, but I can't say the one for "Flutes" makes my list, as it's boring and according to YouTube commentors, it can cause motion sickness (which maybe would have been a bit more appropriate for the album's opening track, "Motion Sickness"?? Just a crazy thought, guys). Also, the audio on the official video is tinny and just not ideal. Hence the non-video video attached.

One day you may realize, but you may need to open your eyes.

#audio #oldfavorite

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