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Billy Eichner's Meryl-Go-Round

I've been hysterically laughing at Billy Eichner's frantic style of street comedy since I first saw him shout at Andre Leon Talley that Diane von Furstenberg had "the runs" during fashion week. He's come a long way since, now he has his own TV show called "Billy on the Street," in which he still shouts odd things at strangers, but now they can win things by playing along. Now that the show's in its third season, he can even get celebs to participate in games like "John Mayer or Pepe le Pew?" or "Would You Have Sex With Paul Rudd? (featuring Paul Rudd)." Any fan of Billy's knows that he LOVES him some "Meryl F-ing Streep," and when I saw this clip posted, I thought he'd finally gotten her on the show.

But what really happens is so much better.

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